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#5: Sivz

The 5th episode of Meow Mix features guest: Sivz Follow Sivz on Soundcloud During the broadcast the stream disconnected so I had to make a new one and reconnect resulting in 2 videos.

#4: James Hopkins

The 4th instsallment of Meow Mix features guest: James Hopkins from HIDEOUT Follow James Hopkins on Soundcloud

#3: AliKat

The 3rd Episode of Meow Mix was supposed to feature Vancouver legend, djjamese, but due to unforeseen circumstances he had to cancel last minute, so I acted as a stand in on his behalf because the show must go on! Follow AliKat on Soundcloud  

#2: Danny Senni

The second episode of Meow Mix features guest: Danny Senni Follow Danny Senni on Soundcloud

#1: Cato Kane

The first official broadcast of Meow Mix features guest: Cato Kane from HIDEOUT Follow Cato Kane on Soundcloud