Best Tech House Tracks of 2016

Already a week into 2017. Before I can begin the search for new tunes I want to finish highlighting my favorite tracks of last year. Here’s a roundup of my top 10 Tech House tracks of 2016. Brilliantly filed in a digital folder named “Tech House Weapons” these tracks were easily accessible during my sets. You better believe I played the shit out of these tunes. View this chart on Beatport


Eyes on Me (Original Mix) by Juliet Fox, Matt Sassari


No Money Feat. Rocky Rock (Ed Is Deep Mix) by Julio Navas, Ed is Dead


Phone Sex (Original Mix) by onetwofour :: Blue Dye


Exodus (Original Mix) by Cristoph :: Truesoul


Big Salmon & Lil Vagina (Original Mix) by Andre Salmon :: Ouch!


Irrational (Original Mix) by Harry Axt :: Snork Enterprises


Def (Original Mix) by Latmun :: VIVa LIMITED


Elephant (Original Mix) by Andrea Olliva :: KNM


Whippp (Original Mix) by Format:B :: Formatik


Hot 4 U (Jay Tripwire Remix) by Onionz, Jay Tripwire :: Household Digital